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The majority of websites today are used with a database system for storing of information and the construction of pages. 

A database is being used with this website and all pages and presentation are combined within it. JRFComputing has taken this ability a stage further where information held on the website can be entered and amended via a standalone application or within the website.

How this works in practice. For Example the pygmy goat club whose system was designed, developed, hosted and maintained by us. Members can login to the website and have access to there individual record which may be amended - they can also enquire on goat herdbook database, check pedigrees and breeding statistics, see present and past show winners etc. Goat information cannot be entered on the website as members must complete a paper record (which of course is downloadable) and is sent to the secretary for input. This is done on an application program which has access to the database and is the only place where changes can happen to it thus giving another level of security.

The secretary has a yearly job of producing a PDF file of the new registered kids this is done via the application. Pedigree Certificates are also printed for newly registered kids. None of these jobs are appropriate for a web system but the web database provides all the necessary information.


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