Welcome to JRFComputing
We Specialise in:

  • Developing Bespoke Software Solutions
  • Integrating Websites with Database Applications
  • Tailored eCommerce Systems
  • NAS Systems Specialist
  • Computers Built, Serviced and Maintained
  • Joomla and Opencart
  • Database Specialist - vast range of database experience in many applications
  • Experience in many Operating Systems from Acorn MOS to Zenith ZOS
Developed Bespoke Software Solutions

These are all programs that have been developed for clients to meet there individual needs.

  • Pet Crematorium software.
  • CRM Package
  • Membership Packages
  • Dog Walking accountancy
  • General Accounts
  • Dairy and Refrigeration Instrument Service and Recording Maintenance System
  • Horse Show management
  • Anti Money Laundering Software for UK based Italian Goverment Department
Website Integration

The majority of websites today are used with a database system for storing of information and the construction of pages. 

A database is being used with this website and all pages and presentation are combined within it. JRFComputing has taken this ability a stage further where information held on the website can be entered and amended via a standalone application or within the website.


Selling items online or just having a catalogue of what you have for sale is what every SMB must have, either as a stand alone site or as a social media enterprise or both!

To see what has JRFC have developed and are developing please:-

NAS Systems


Network Attach Storage.is a cost effective way for all server based operations. The NAS can host websites, control and hold database for local and remote operation, provide on-line and on-site file access, etc...


New and Computer MAintenance

All forms of PC is looked after and kept in the best possible condition, From Windows 3.1, (I have clients that need computers from the late 80's  to keep their business operational and am able to make the system work on a standard SD card) to the W10 

Joomla and Opencart Specialist

All informational websites are made on the latest Joomla framework, while all eCommerce are built on the opencart framework

Database Specialist

JRFComputing have over 40 years of database development experience on a wide variety of database engines on different platforms

Hosting, Domains and Email

JRFComputing is able to offer Hosting, Domains and email services. All systems developed are stored and maintained on our own cloud servers

Old Systems

JRFC have a wide knowledge about forgotten Operating Systems and past databases so if something is recoverable then we can do it 


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